Underwater Tracking Ranges

QinetiQ has extensive experience operating maritime ranges across the UK and understands how to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and design innovative solutions that create an operational advantage for Navies to ‘fight and win’ sea.

With more than 30 years supporting, developing and managing UK Ministry of Defence (MOD UK) ranges, QinetiQ has gained a deep understanding of the breadth of operational requirements and challenges involved in replacing, upgrading and managing a modern range system.

Our specialist teams can design, deliver and operate tailored solutions using demonstrated technology and innovative architecture with a focus on reducing through life costs.


Under a long term partnering agreement QinetiQ delivers Test & Evaluation and Training Support Services to the UK Armed Forces. Under the agreement QinetiQ manages 17 core Ministry of Defence sites including the British Underwater Test & Evaluation Centre (MOD UK BUTEC). At BUTEC, QinetiQ manages and operates tracked range and shore support facilities as well as a range of operational readiness testing and support services.

A modern, open architecture system

At the British Underwater Test & Evaluation Centre (BUTEC) in North West Scotland, our QinetiQ designed and built Maritime Trials Management System (MTMS) utilises Integrated, Networked T&E Capability (INTEC) architecture to provide a modern, open architecture system for command and control of underwater and above water test & evaluation trials.

Deep and Shallow Water Tracking Range

MTMS supports all aspects of maritime test, evaluation, acceptance, training and exercise and includes a high performance acoustic sensor capable of detecting, localising and tracking underwater assets using a variety of methods. This underwater Time, Space and Position Indication (TSPI) data can be merged with track information from a wide assortment of external tracking sources such as radars, GPS and electro-optical trackers to provide a complete underwater and above water battle space picture of the instrumented trials area that can be displayed and managed in real time.

The system is both reliable and safe. MTMS is dual redundant, has been designed and built using processes certified at CMMI Level 3 and has been accredited to Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2).

Whatever the requirement, QinetiQ has the capabilities to track almost anything

Almost every dynamic trial benefits from accurate positional information. We have the capabilities to track almost anything, almost anywhere, whatever the environment. Defence forces and commercial organisations from across the world use both our facilities and those we operate on behalf of the MOD UK, to undertake training or conduct trials with complex systems. By working with QinetiQ, you can benefit from reduced development times, lower costs and increased levels of safety and security.

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Case Study: QinetiQ Maritime Range Design & Integration in Action

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